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Our People

At The Indigo Group, we know that it is our people that make us special and they will enable us to deliver outstanding quality childcare for the families and communities we support.
Team Indigo.....


Are passionate about caring for children and their families and keeping them at the heart of our practice


Are committed to being creative, inspired and informed in helping children realise their potential


Are proud of playing a critical role in a sector leading organisation, trusted to provide outstanding childcare


Feel valued and respected in their role and are able to access the relevant support to progress personally and professionally

The Management Team

Laura Cusack

Head of Early Years

Steph photo_edited.png
Steph Grant
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Children and Young People 

Service Manager

Vera Matthews

Director of Corporate Services

Ashley photo.heic
Ashley Turner

Early Years  Manager

Debby photo.heic
Debby Larkin

 Early Years Manager

Chanelle Chambers

Out of School 

Care Assistant Manager

Meet the CEO and the Directors

Laura photo.heic
Laura Francis

Business Development Manager

Jacqueline photo_edited.jpg

Jacqueline Lamb (CEO)

Jacqueline’s previous role was with national umbrella body, Children in Scotland, as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. In this role, Jacqueline had both strategic organisational responsibilities in relation to the general direction, operation and sustainability of the organisation but also a key influencing role for the children’s services sector at local, national and international levels. As a qualified Primary School teacher with experience in third, corporate, self-employment and public sectors, Jacqueline has a broad and varied experience to bring to the leadership, creativity and innovation of the progress and development of The Indigo Group. Most importantly, however, as the mum of a very special 6 year old (Caoimhe) who experienced many challenges pre-birth and in the first 3 months of life to make it here, Jacqueline has a personal passion and commitment to surprise parents, children and young people with exceptional experiences in the early stages of their lives, to create happy positive memories and sound foundations to achieve their highest potential wherever they live.

Why Indigo?

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