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About Us


Indigo has existed for over 25 years helping families to give their children and young people, the best possible start in life through the delivery of a unique, seamless learning and childcare model for children and young people from 6 weeks to 16 years. We offer 4 types of service:

Early Learning and Childcare

Out of School Care

Youth Services

Mobile Creche

Indigo provides working and in training or education parents with high quality, flexible and accessible learning and childcare services, at affordable rates.

Our Vision

All children and young people can experience outstanding quality learning and childcare experiences, that inspire and nurture, wherever they live, whatever their background. 


Indigo Childcare Group will be recognised as the trusted brand in the provision of childcare solutions from birth to 16yrs old, in the West of Scotland. 

Inspired by this vision, we will demonstrate our commitment to families and outstanding quality, by our valued and purposeful engagement and our leadership of exciting

child-centred innovation.

Our Approach 

Indigo’s value of ‘children, young people and their families are at the heart of every decision’ is demonstrated in our approach to family.

We know our families want to see their children flourish and reach their full potential and we are here to support them. At Indigo, we know that to give children the best start, family matters. 


We provide tailored, family centred support, which means we work with families by helping them to identify where they are at, where they want to be and connecting them to the tools and resources they need to get there.


We are proud of the relationships we have with our families and communities, changing our work from simple service delivery, to empowering families and communities to making a difference. 


We value our communities and the importance community plays in family life. We actively participate in our communities; by building relationships and working with local people, organisations and places. By working together, we strengthen our communities and create positive change for our families and for all those who live and work in our communities.  


Our Family Matters project has enabled a Family Support Co-ordinator to join #TeamIndigo, to help support families build confidence, resilience, feel connected to their communities and achieve their goals.

Family Matters Logo 1.png

Our Mission

Indigo exists to empower families to overcome poverty and its challenges through the provision of innovative, family informed, learning and childcare solutions from birth to 16yrs. 

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