Indi Youth

A service designed by young people

Indi youth is our innovative youth service which provides a variety of opportunities for young people (P7 - 16 years). The key aspects of the service are to have fun, build key supportive relationships, and to provide opportunities learn new and develop existing skills that will support their transition to young adults. The service encourages young people to make decisions, putting young people at the heart of the programme


The main aim is to provide a service for young people who don’t want to attend childcare but for parents who do.


Indi Youth is all about giving young people independence to make their own choices. The service is available during term-time and school holidays. Indi Youth is a registered service with Care Inspectorate. 

Our pricing is set at affordable prices to help give parents peace of mind.

Prices start from £11.60 per day term time and £56 per week.


The chill zone