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Family Matters

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We understand that family life comes in all shapes and sizes and whilst welcoming our children into the world and watching them grow and flourish can be the most beautiful experience wished for, it is not always a bed of roses. Research indicates that what a child experiences in their family life may have a direct impact on the outcomes they achieve in from education, work opportunities, health and relationships. Whatever the home life looks like, every family hits some bumps along the way and a little support, advice, guidance or information, can very often go a long way for the whole family.

So in response, Indigo has created Family MattersIndigo’s flexible model of family support that reflects the needs of the community, the families it serves, our professional knowledge and above all, our commitment to keep families at the heart of every decision we make. Support is universally available to all families as we recognise that we all need a little helping hand from time to time from the people and places we know and trust.

Our approach to family support means that families can access support throughout their whole Indigo Experience, each Indigo team member from the finance team to children’s key workers our priority is supporting families and their children to flourish. As part of our commitment to families we have also a specialist team that all families are able to access;

There is a wide arrange of support for families at Indigo, whether you are looking for information, funding support or just someone to chat to, find out what is available to access here 


Roisin Deville
Family Support Coordinator


Frances Pate

 Inclusion Co-ordinator


Kirsty Dawson

 Speech and Language Therapist

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