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At Indigo, we empower families through innovative, evidence and family-informed learning and childcare solutions. We aim to support families and communities by improving health, wellbeing and learning, giving children the best possible start in life. We are committed to raising attainment and building resilience through whole-family support. As part of Indigo’s vision to achieve this, our Family Matters and Loving Language programmes have been created.

The Indigo Experience involves high quality language and communication support in all interactions within the services as well as sharing these values with our families and wider community. The Loving Language program aims to improve the language and communication skills of all our children. 

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Language and communication are essential for:


  • communicating needs and feelings

  • building relationships with family and friends

  • learning and development

  • positive mental health and wellbeing

  • future education and employment opportunities.

Unfortunately many children have unidentified Speech, Language and Communication Needs and there is an increased risk associated with the attainment gap and lockdowns.

We know that with early identification and intervention the long term impact of language and communication difficulties can be greatly reduced or prevented. In the early years in particular we have an amazing opportunity to enrich the language and communication of all children to equip and empower them for life through working closely with our families, ensuring high quality interactions in our services and sharing our learning with the wider community.



The vision is that Loving Language is embedded into our childrens Learning experience.The Speech and Language Therapist will partner with all staff and families to support children to get the most out of interactions and language learning experiences using strategies across the environment,routines and activities at nursery or at home.

Loving Language consists of:

  • Sharing universal information about language and communication development

  • regular posts on our Famly app, website and social

  • Signposting to NHS services when needed

  • Signposting to online resources and community resources

  • Signposting to other parenting learning and groups as relevant

  • Regular events such as Book Bug, Stay & Plays and playgroups

  • Targeted training on supporting language and communication development for certain groups

  • Makaton sign sharing

Key Messages of Loving Language

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In addition we have collaborated with BBC's Tiny Happy People to improve our learning and understanding and use as an essential resource to educate ourselves and our families.

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Loving Language Resources

Loving Language Top Tips

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